Full View Residential Garage Doors


Full view residential garage doors are leading the trend in todays high-end contemporary home construction all around the country.  Additionally, many people in the Belton, Temple and Killeen TX area are also choosing this style when replacing their current doors to give their homes an entire new modern look.  You don’t have to sacrifice privacy for style.  Aluminum full view doors can be ordered with frosted or tinted glass and offer many benefits above traditional residential garage doors.  These doors are low maintenance and constructed with high grade aluminum that eliminates the possibility of rust and contains impact resistance glass.

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Raised Panel with Glass

Residential Garage Doors


Raised panel doors are the traditional style doors typically found on homes. Traditional doesn’t mean you can’t add today’s style to your home when replacing or adding to your current raised door. Lischer’s Overhead Doors offers numerous options to choose from to give your home an elegant and timeless look. One of the many ways this can be achieved is by adding designer glass to your new or existing residential garage doors. Click the button below to browse the options offered in raised panel garage doors.

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Carriage House

Residential Garage Doors


Carriage House style garage doors add a unique and prestigious elegance that has been around for centuries.  We offer Carriage House style residential garage doors in steel, fiberglass, and in numerous colors.  We also offer real wood that is overlaid on the steel doors to give you the best of both worlds while maintaining the unmistakable look and feel of real wood.  Click the button below to find the Carriage House Overlay Garage Door that you would like to add to your home.

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Recessed Panel Garage Door


Recessed panel doors are one of the most popular style of residential garage doors because they can be configured in several ways. You can choose all long panels, all short panels or a combination of the two. Additionally, glass can be added to the configuration making the possibilities endless. Click on the video button below to see the various configurations.

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Want to lower your electricity bill?

Insulated Garage Door Option


We all dread going into our garages during the summer where daily temperatures in Central Texas are easily over 100 degrees.  Did you know this also contributes the soaring cost of your electric bill? When you choose an insulted door, it provides a significant barrier between your home and the elements.  Many garage doors that are offered by Lischer’s Overhead Doors can be ordered with an insulated option that will lower the rising cost of electricity and provide you with a more comfortable experience whether it’s hot or cold outside.

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